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10 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

While many of us want to be in happy and healthy relationships, we are all aware that it is easier said than done. Being beautiful, desired, and sought after, according to the media, is all part of the dating game.

Humans are generally instinctual beings, and while our mating patterns are less intuitive than those of other organisms, natural selection still plays a role in determining our mates. As we make wise decisions, something in our genetics promotes our genes to be passed down.

Every relationship has ups and downs and ebbs and flows that are inevitably compounded by two partners. As a result, disagreements and conflicts with a partner arise, even if you adore them or have been together for a long time. To avoid significant ramifications, partners must learn to communicate to achieve long-term equilibrium properly.

It’s no surprise that intimate connection necessitates passion. However, this should not prohibit partners from remaining completely present while romance infiltrates their everyday lives.

So, let us analyse what genuinely preserves a relationship, especially when the initial spark has simmered down. Without further ado, here are the ten characteristics of a healthy relationship:

You Share Core Values

It should be clear that you and your partner share similar life values and goals. You and your spouse both know what you want out of life, your mutual goals, and what you want to achieve.

You Connect on a Higher Level of Trust

You both must recognise that you share an unbreakable bond of trust. This means that there are no hidden motivations or previous secrets. You talk about the good, the terrible, and the ugly.

You Each Value the Other’s Individuality

While long-term partnerships and marriages have a huge impact on who you are, you and your partner must retain your distinct personalities throughout the relationship. Above all, despite your myriad life responsibilities, you are still a person of your own being.

You Enjoy Things While Together and Apart

Relationship activities are fun and exciting. But while you spend quality time together, you must also have space to engage in beneficial activities while you and your partner are apart.

You Support Each Other

You both contribute to the advancement of the other. Alternatively, you motivate each other to improve. It’s never about trying to be better than the other!

You Are Open to One Another

You and your spouse are comfortable discussing personal desires. True comprehension demands constant, attentive listening.

You Communicate and Solve Problems Together

You appreciate each other's points of view even if you differ on important subjects. You also have the option of resolving matters amicably.

You Both Set Realistic Expectations

You have reasonable, rather than irrational, expectations for the partnership. Never lose sight of the fact that you are working with two highly complex people.

You Collaborate and Work through Everything

You both must contribute to the collaboration of what makes a healthy relationship. Each partner's skills and abilities assist the "team" in working through matters.

You Maintain Your Boundaries

Maintaining appropriate boundaries with your partner is vital, as it is with your family and friends. Thus, you must also be considerate of your partner's family and friends.


A genuine loving connection consists of compassion, kindness, support, encouragement, and empathy. The object of one's admiration is not the intended recipient of one's impudence or malice.

Remember that when you choose to share your life with another person, you are embarking on a life-long journey. However, it’s also important to recognise that each person must keep the best parts of themselves for the greater good and their family if they so desire.

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