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3 Signs Your Significant Other Puts You Down

Relationships have always been at the centre of discussions, but most people package such connections in pink ribbons and heart-shaped boxes. While forming a loving relationship entails warmth and comfort, it requires a certain level of commitment not everyone can.

One commitment not everyone is capable of is providing respect and support. Your significant other must always be your number one supporter. You are there to be a team against the battles of life. You create and share fond memories, all working towards building a life of beautiful things.

You motivate and inspire each other, ensuring that each person becomes the best person they can be. However, many end up in relationships that do the opposite. You can end up with a partner that shames rather than motivates or perhaps puts you down rather than uplifts.

Unfortunately, spotting these problematic behaviours can be challenging to see—especially when you love them so. While difficult to accept, these are some signs that your partner can be toxic, as such behaviours point out to shaming and disrespecting:

Your Partner Does Not Believe in Your Dreams

It’s easily understandable to get excited over something that you love. It could be a date you’ve been fantasizing about for years or perhaps a project you’d like to work on for a bit. No matter how trivial, something that means special to you can be called a “dream”. The right partner will be there for you every step of the way, encouraging you and supporting you in every way.

The wrong one will come with nothing but negativity, however. Your dream date can easily get swatted away by “Think more practically” or perhaps your project with “How can that even work?”. They crush your dreams, which can quickly put you off. No one deserves to be shut down!

Your Partner Constantly Compares You to Other People

This is a glaring red flag, and yet one that can be difficult to accept. If your significant other constantly compares you to other people, especially their ex-partners, you need to know that they do not have your best interests at heart.

Such a comparison can quickly put you in an exhausting position, where you’re compelled to work hard to meet their expectations continuously. You essentially try your best to live up to the ideal they have, slowly causing you to turn away from your authentic self. This can be subtle but deadly.

Your Partner Dismisses You Often

If your conversations often lead to you being disregarded or put down, it isn’t a good sign. Being in a relationship means compromises, especially when you’re trying to solve a problem. This could be as simple as finding the best ways to deal with a faulty chair, as well as something as complex as planning your next vacation trip.

What you bring to the table must always be heard, especially when it means a lot to you. If you often feel worthless and rejected, your partner has been dismissing you—this can impact your self-esteem in the long run, which is never a good sign.


Building a loving relationship is never easy. It takes commitment, hard work, and the conscious effort to be better for each other every day. While some couples have a chance to start over, not everyone can make it work. If the signs listed above resonate with you and your current relationship, it’s time to speak to your partner. If that fails, it may be time to move on.

If you want to learn more about healthy relationships, consider downloading Shake N Date. We offer you a relationship app designed for couples, finding ways to help you reconnect, date better, or essentially learn more about what healthy relationships look like. Stay tuned!


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