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3 Tips to Help You Control Anxiety During Your Date

With so much on the line, you may quickly find yourself over-analyzing everything you do or say during a date. This causes you to worry more and more, hurting your ability to create the best first impression and dating experience possible. Unfortunately, this kind of mindset doesn't only apply to first, second, or third dates. More often than not, this can stick throughout the relationship, doing nothing more but hurt you and even your potential partner.

Fortunately, such anxiety-driven relationships don't have to be forever! Anxiety will only ever control you if you let it. As such, we're going to share with you some tips to help you tackle anxiety for better dates:

1. Accept That You Cannot Control Everything

One of the biggest causes of anxiety in any situation is trying to control every factor in a given situation when, in reality, this is clearly impossible. Being anxious about this will not help anyone, including you and your partner. As such, sometimes, it will do you some good to sit back and accept the fact that you cannot control everything. Worrying will make you more and more stressed, and in many cases, accepting what's happening and even talking about your anxiety can help you find relief!

2. Let It Be Known That You Are Experiencing Anxiety

Different people experience anxiety in different ways. Some may experience it as a panic disorder, while others may experience it as a phobia. Regardless, what you must do is let your partner know about said anxiety. Sure, you might feel anxious about even doing this, but we promise that once you let it out, you will feel a lot better. Plus, after they know what kind of anxiety you are experiencing, they can understand you better and possibly even help you out! Also, the sooner they know about the problem, the less likely your anxiety will worsen.

3. Help Your Date Out If They Are Dealing with Anxiety

Apart from sharing your anxiety, it is also your job to help your date feel comfortable and less anxious. Unfortunately, this can be a little tough, especially if they are hiding it. Many of us have learned to live with anxiety to the point that we hide it incredibly well. However, there will be some symptoms you can spot to know that they are feeling a little anxious, such as signs of lower self-esteem, nervousness, and the like. Regardless, reach out to them and communicate your intentions. This way, both parties feel more comfortable and less uncertain, increasing the likelihood of a successful date.


It is alright to feel anxious. We all experience it to some degree when we are faced with uncertain situations such as a date. However, how one handles anxiety is the difference between a successful date and an utter failure. Keep the tips we've shared above in mind, and remind yourself to apply them when the time comes. Also, remind yourself that each situation is unique. It may be that you are the confident one and your date the anxious one, or the other way round. Regardless, always be open to your date and let them know about your intentions. Ask them about their intentions too! This way, both of you can feel a lot more comfortable around each other and help you quickly figure out if you were meant for each other.

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