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3 Types of People That Will Only Lead To Toxic Relationships

Many of us long for a relationship that's satisfying and overall happy, where the two of you can sit in the safety and warmth of each other's embrace and think about just how lucky you are to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, this isn't meant to be for the unfortunate bunch. There are just people out there that aren't made for relationships, and toxic individuals will do nothing more to a relationship than pain and suffering. This is perhaps why so many people reach out for relationships advice. Many individuals are stuck in toxic relationships, and it doesn't help to know that many of those stuck in one find it challenging to leave.

That being said, the best way to ensure a toxic relationship isn't what you experience is not to cultivate it in the first place! This starts to understand what type of people end up in toxic relationships, allowing you to avoid them at all costs:

1. The Jealous Type

While some may see a little bit of jealousy as an attractive trait, some jealous individuals take it to a whole new level, belittling you every time you want to say something and constantly interrupting you when trying to speak. For some reason, their main goal is to ensure you feel worthless. You will notice this kind of people when you are trying to date an individual, but they are constantly talking to you, but you weren't given a chance to speak.

In other words, if you notice your date to somehow always find something to talk about rapidly but do not give you any chance to talk at all is a red flag that they are a jealous competitor.

2. The Sociopathic Type

The sociopathic types, also known as the emotionless type, are those who are never in check with their feelings. Generally, they are always quiet, don't like to input their opinions, and do not like incredibly outgoing individuals. Sometimes, these signs might be the fact that the individual is shy, so it can be pretty tough for you to see whether a person is emotionless and how emotionless they are.

Regardless, there are still apparent signs that they are a sociopathic type. If you notice poor eye contact, the lack of sharing feelings, and a forced smile, stay away.

3. The Know-Everything Type

Being knowledgeable and being a know-everything type are two completely different things. A knowledgeable person can simply be one who is well-versed in a certain topic and are more than happy to discuss stuff with you when asked to. However, a know-everything individual will do nothing more than find a way to impose on you the knowledge they have, trying to prove just how much they know. Somehow, they have a reason for everything that you ask, and no matter what you say, they have a comeback.

If you notice your date always to have their arms folded or on their hips and always making comebacks on everything you want to say, look for someone else!


The above types of people are in bigger numbers than you might realize. In fact, if you are already in a relationship, you might just be noticing what kind of a person your date is. Regardless, try your best to keep an eye out for these signs. They signal that your date is a toxic individual and that, more often than not, your life is way better off without them in it. Next time, when looking for a date, keep an eye out for the signs we've shared. Prevention is always better than cure, and you will save yourself a whole lot of headaches picking the right person the first time around!

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