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4 Topics to Discuss With a Potential Partner

When you’ve found someone that seems to get you like no one else does, the whole experience can leave you feeling butterflies of all kinds. It’s the start of an exciting and admittedly scary journey where you’ll learn more about each other and start entertaining the idea of building a life together. However, before you get carried away with fantasies of a wedding with a potential partner, it’s crucial to discuss a few things first.

Many relationships crash and burn just a few weeks after beginning because both parties didn’t set realistic expectations. However, by covering a few important topics, you’ll both make sure that you’re on the same page. Here are four topics to discuss with a potential partner before you get serious about dating:


Knowing your partner’s health status is crucial as it will affect the quality of your relationship. You’ll want to ask them if they have a history of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs like genital herpes or chlamydia and if they sought proper treatment. If you don’t discuss this beforehand and something goes wrong, you may run into a difficult argument that can shatter all the hopes you’ve had for the relationship.

Health concerns go well beyond STDs. Find out if they have a medical condition that prevents them from eating a particular food or enjoying specific experiences so you can tailor your dates accordingly. That way, you can certify your compatibility with each other.


It’s impossible to get to know all sides of your partner, especially before you spend years with them. However, asking them a few questions about their personality will help you understand how they work and what you should do when there’s conflict. For instance, you’ll want to know who your partner is when they’re pressured. Do they lash out, or do they withdraw? Do they address challenges calmly, or do they take their frustration out on you?

A fundamental question to ask your partner is their love language. Understanding how they give and receive love will not only ensure that you make them feel as appreciated as possible, but it will also prevent arguments and tension. If their love language is spending quality time and yours is gift-giving, they may feel like you don’t care about the relationship if you shower them with tiny trinkets but don’t make an effort to hang out with them often.

Life Goals

For a relationship to succeed, both partners must share long-term goals. For instance, if your potential partner dreams of travelling the world but your goal is to settle down and live in a lovely house, you may clash due to this distinct incompatibility. Having the same goals also encourages you to work together even in the face of disagreement.

You’ll also want to know how you both fit into each other’s goals. While it is viable to pursue each goal individually, you’ll need to make sure there’s room for each other. If one needs the help of the other to accomplish a specific goal, you’ll need to discuss that as well.


Lastly, your potential partner’s approach to money will determine how you handle monetary challenges that will eventually come your way. Talking about money is too sensitive of a subject for the first date, but it’s something you’ll want to discuss when you realise that you want to pursue a serious relationship with them.

Ask them if they’re in any kind of debt and how they plan to repay it. That way, you won’t inherit a significant debt from them if you decide to get married. It will also help you prepare for your financial goals together.


Finding a potential partner on a dating app can be exhilarating, making you feel like your search for love has finally ended. Before you start dreaming of wedding bells, it’s essential to get to know them and see how compatible you are, which you can do by discussing these vital topics with them.

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