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5 Date Night Ideas for Couples to Try Instead of Dining

A date night is an ideal activity for new or long-term couples to enjoy each other’s company. However, a simple dinner sometimes doesn’t make a date exciting anymore. But don’t worry! While everyone is at home, quarantined because of the pandemic, there are ways to enjoy outdoor activities without simply dining out. If you’re looking for dating ideas, here are some date night ideas to try.

1. Drive-In Movie

Many places around the country are turning parking lots into drive-in movie theatres. Instead of watching a film in a usual setup, people now watch movies while being in their cars for the whole duration. Since the movie plays on an open parking lot, couples can bring their food and drinks, far from the standard popcorn and soda situation in theatres. Couples have the freedom to treat the activity like a picnic date and have fun.

Although the selections are limited, it’s an excellent option for couples who prefer intimate dates, even outdoors. Besides, you’re not there for the movie only. You’re there to enjoy each other’s company while getting to know the other more. It’s also an excellent and unique way to see a movie away from the usual couch situation at home.

2. Outdoor Museum

It’s always impressive to learn while being on a date. Couples who go out on dates to learn and enjoy themselves are the ones that grow while being in a relationship. Outdoor museums are typical venues for unforgettable date nights. They are like the usual museums but situated in an open area.

Right now, most outdoor museums are closed due to the pandemic. However, it is a great idea to go on an outdoor museum date once everything is back to normal. Outdoor museums offer a safer way to enjoy the outdoors without putting yourself in a risky situation of catching the virus.

3. Paint and Sip Party

Picnics are great, but they are becoming tiresome. If you’re into a unique type of picnic, why not try a paint and sip date? It is a great idea for creative couples who want to express their creativity while being on a date. After eating a scrumptious dinner, couples can paint on canvases while sipping wine and getting to know each other.

Paint and Sip dates don’t require couples to be good at painting. However, it does require people to be more open and vulnerable as it does involve the arts. Expressing what you’re feeling at the moment on a canvass takes a lot of bravery and vulnerability, especially for people getting to know each other.

4. Afternoon Bike Rides

Besides being an excellent way to lose weight, afternoon bike rides are a perfect date idea too. Imagine yourself biking along the lane, wind against your face, and seeing your significant other beside you—biking is a great way to spend time together.

Although where your bike depends on you, we suggest a place where there are no cars around. It’s great timing to process the incredible scenery and take many photos to commemorate the moment.

5. Drive-Through Safari.

To top the list, why not spend an afternoon with animals. But instead of going to the local zoo, travel to a drive-through safari where you can be with wild animals. Since the zoos are still closed due to the pandemic, it might be possible that wildlife preserves or safari parks are open for appointment only.


Every date night is a perfect date night as long as you’re with the person you love. However, making them feel more special shouldn’t need a second thought. If you have the opportunity to bring them out to a unique date scenario, then this is the sign to do it.

Shake N Date is a relationship application that offers couples dating ideas and various ways to make every date night special. Be on the lookout for our new website! We can’t wait to take you on a lovely date.


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