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7 Stages: The Great Makings of Any Healthy Relationship

Finding someone you want to build a relationship with can feel so exciting. Love and happiness can seem so rare and hard to come by after all, so it’s important to foster a healthy bond with your loved one. Do know that the experience of nurturing a relationship isn’t always going to be the same for every couple, but what matters is meeting with one another halfway through.

A great way of tracking where you and your partner are is to look at the journey in stages. Of course, there may be a bit of back and forth, or some steps may even repeat themselves during the entire process. Setbacks are normal. Give everyone time to figure things out and work them through with the one you love can help strengthen your relationship further in the future.

So what exactly are these stages that make up an ideal and healthy relationship? Here are the main seven that would encompass the whole bridge that you, as a couple, would have to cross:

Stage 1: Bonding

Bonding is so important for newer couples. Seeing whether each person feels attracted and attuned with one another is truly important. No matter how mundane the date may be, whether it’s just a walk or a quick cup of coffee and tea, it’s good to be around one another. Think of it as a small trial of whether you feel good and want to go even further with them.

Stage 2: Being Vulnerable

Getting to know one another a bit more intimately can be incredibly difficult for many people and their partners. However, it’s important to be open about one another’s thoughts, feelings and pasts all throughout. Try to schedule a time for each person to open about anything to allow one to learn more about the other.

Stage 3: Changing Routines

As you grow much closer to a person, there’s often a stage where you’ll start to see a shift in your habits and routine. Perhaps you didn’t like waking up in the mornings before, but maybe you wake up earlier than your alarm clock now. You start developing more healthy habits, like getting more sleep or having meals. Welcome the change and go with it.

Stage 4: Uniting with Each Other

The change in routine might not just be something personal to you but your relationship as a whole. Whether it’s smaller changes like seeing one another before leaving for work or more grand moves like moving in together, you may find that you’re growing closer than ever. Welcome them slowly and wholly into your life.

Stage 5: Mitigating the Problems

When growing closer to another person, be it platonically or romantically, there’s bound to be a few bumps on the road. Whether it was previously discussed while opening up or a newer issue has been discovered, healthy relationships should handle this meticulously. Look at it as you and your partner versus the problem, and dedicate time to work on it.

Stage 6: Making Time

Speaking of time, it’s important to set out and schedule some quality one-on-ones with your loved one. It can be rather difficult in the grand scheme of things, but never let go of the moments that you’ve bonded over in the past. Relive them and make new memories with one another as well, whether it’s watching a show together or an outdoor picnic.

Stage 7: Enjoying Life

Healthy relationships don’t have to be overcomplicated. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as wanting to commit and spend every day with one another. On top of all the other rules like setting a schedule and talking things out, don’t forget to just enjoy the whole ride as well. That way, you wouldn’t have any regrets.


Each couple may have its own definition of what a healthy relationship looks like, but this outline of stages should give you a general understanding of what things should be like. Work towards what seems ideal in your own time with your partner.

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