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How to Become Happier and Healthier Couples: 3 Simple Tricks

Some people think that falling in love and all the chases and heartbreaks are the complicated parts of being in a relationship. However, people in an actual relationship might agree that it is more challenging to maintain and sustain it than start it. There is no perfect formula to keeping the relationship going, but one thing is for sure: effort should come from both parties.

Most people just go with the flow and do their best. Some think they are simply lucky or unlucky. However, did you know that there is a sure way to help couples have a healthy and happy bond according to science? If you are curious or want to improve your current relationship, here are some things couples should strive to have in a healthy and mature relationship.

1. Practice Appreciation

When couples engage in activities and conversations that no longer spark any positivity between them, they start to become emotionally disengaged. Disengagement happens when a person loses the will to invest emotions, energy, or time in the relationship. That is the last thing that you would want to happen to you and your partner.

Studies from Gottman Institute show that disengagement often results because the couple no longer celebrates things together. That does not only literally mean celebrating events but learning to appreciate and notice the little things. The less they engage in small discussions that focus on demonstrating appreciation, the farther apart they become.

Try expressing your gratitude to your partner every day. Tell them what you like about them or appreciate what they did for you. Besides bringing positivity to the relationship, it also boosts their confidence and validates their existence in your life. More importantly, you help make them feel better about themselves, which a partner should help one do.

2. Keep the Love Strong

The ultimate rule to having a loving relationship for a long time is simply to stay in love. You and your partner must fall in love over and over again. That helps you build strong emotional connections, thereby helping you create a better and more concrete relationship.

If there is one great reason couples end up losing connection, it is the emotional disconnection. People in a relationship need to feel that they are safe and secure with their partners. Once that magic is gone, a relationship could fall apart. If you want to save your relationship or keep it going for a long time, aim to keep your relationship full of life throughout the years.

Find ways to connect regularly, whether by trying out new dating ideas or simply being there with your partner. Talk about your feelings instead of dismissing them. Be understanding instead of immediately thinking of criticising your partner. When couples meet at a certain emotional level, their closeness also blossoms more.

3. Empathise and Understand

Three essential elements can keep relationships going:

  • Empathising and recognising your partner’s perspective: These aspects are fundamental to understanding each other better. It also helps avoid fights and disagreements.

  • Knowing how to control your feelings: Instead of meeting in a bad mood, stay apart for a while and try to cool your heads down. But do not let the problem go unresolved after a time.

  • Always counting your blessings: As previously mentioned, you and your partner would appreciate it more if you started to become grateful for the small things in your relationship.


When couples aim for a happier relationship, they are on the way to a happier life. Any relationship can start and stop depending on what actions you do today. If you want only the best for both of you, keep these three tips in mind. Disconnection may happen several times in a relationship, but any couple can choose to reconnect again.

Keep a healthy relationship by always choosing to be together. Be there for your partner, explore various dating ideas, and be more understanding of each other. Should you need or want to spend more quality time together, consider downloading the Shake N Date application and discover more fun ways to bond and get to know each other better. Get it today!


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