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Bedroom Date Ideas for a Chill Evening or a Hot Night

Every couple loves a good night out on the town. Or a nice trip to the movies. Or an adventure that involves long drives. Or vacations in places with clear blue water, warm sand, and tequila. However, there's also a lot of fun to be had from date nights at home: if anything, they trump all of those! What could possibly be more comfortable than being in the privacy of your own space with the love of your life?

If you read that and your first thought was 'Netflix and chill', don't worry. You wouldn't be alone, and while it's not incorrect, there's actually way more than one way to have date nights at home. Heat things up or keep things super chill; either way, there's definitely something for you and your beloved to bond over.

Read on for bedroom date ideas for a chill evening or a hot night:

Extreme Room Makeover

Okay, okay, don't click away just yet. This is not some weird mind trick. Actually spending time together to get your bedroom sorted and cleaned out can actually be a chill bonding experience, especially since that leaves a lot of room for romantic decor or, if you've still got some energy left, some rewarding activities that are more on the hot side.

Fantasy Island

In some cases, sexy time ends up being relegated to quickies. Or the moments just before going to sleep after a long day. Or a bit of morning exercise to start the day and nothing more. When was the last time you indulged in your fantasies or that of your partner? Make the time to explore each other's fantasies and kinks. That can go from blindfolds and rope play all the way to more involved activities.

Your imagination is the only limit! A good rule of thumb is to find common kinks or, simply, to take turns.

Play Bedroom Board Games

Yes, you read that right. There are actually plenty of board games out there designed for couples having date nights in their home.

Shower Together

Few things in life are more relaxing than a good, long shower. Slow things down and have a shower together. Take turns washing each other's bodies if possible. If it's not too much of a squeeze, try to wash each other's hair, too. Your best bet is to eventually dry off a bit and finish things off in your bed.

Breakfast in Bed

Wait, wasn't this all about date nights? You would be correct, but this is a twist! The truth is, you can also have a date at any time in your home. That includes the sweetness of having breakfast in bed together. Coffee and toast, a nice stack of pancakes, bowls of your favourite cereals—the possibilities are practically endless.


Going on dates is important for couples at any stage. However, there's more to dating than being outside; there's lots of fun to be had indoors, too! Enjoy the privacy of your home as you shower together, do an 'extreme room makeover' that leaves room for new romantic decor or sexy toys, and indulge in fantasy island.

Trying to find dating activities that you and your partner can bond over? Check out Shake N Date! The app is meant to help couples with spending quality time together.


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