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Tips to Improve Better Communication with Your Partner

The phrase “Communication is the key for a long-lasting relationship” may sound cliché but guess what, it still applies even today. Any relationship still holds out to the power of communication. It is indeed the key to make a relationship last longer, stronger and better.

Some couples come to that point when they cannot understand each other, which is a common reason why relationships don’t work out. If you also have this issue with your partner, perhaps it’s time to improve the way you communicate with each other before it’s too late.

So, we are to help you improve better communication with your partner. Check out our tips and work your way on improving your relationship:

Tip #1: Try to Ask Open-Ended Questions

Not all people are comfortable talking about their feelings. It’s one of the struggles of most couples, especially those who are just starting. However, it’s all part of the process. You need to give your partner some time to be comfortable sharing their feelings with you. What you can do is to help your partner to open up with you by asking open-ended questions.

It’s a perfect way to make them open up without forcing or pressuring them. For example, instead of asking, “Did you have a good day at work?” try to ask, “How was your day at work?”. This way, they will not be forced to answer just yes or no; you are giving them the chance to share more details since they know that you are interested. The manner of asking makes a lot of difference, so make sure you always ask open-ended questions instead of questions answerable by just yes or no.

Tip #2: Notice Nonverbal Cues

Do not act ignorant once you’ve noticed something wrong with how your partner is responding or acting towards you. Even if they are saying that they are okay, don’t take their word for it. If their tone sounds irritated, upset, angry or just blunt, then there may be something else that they’re feeling but not yet ready to communicate. Nonverbal cues are also their way of communicating with you. Give your partner some time, and just let them know that you are there whenever they need you.

Tip #3: Don’t Expect Your Partner to Be a Mind Reader

Sometimes, we get mad at our partners because they don’t notice that there is something wrong. If you are the one holding in, don’t point your anger at your partner. Don’t expect them to be a mind reader that can instantly understand what you’re feeling by just looking at you. Stop saying you’re okay even if you’re not, and then get mad at your partner for not figuring it out. Instead, appreciate the fact that they are making an effort to understand by asking you what is going on instead of ignoring you.

Also, it would be healthy for your relationship to talk about the problem once you’re ready to talk about it. Don’t let it pass like nothing has happened because the issue may explode in the future.


Communication is very crucial in whatever relationship. It’s the primary ingredient to make the relationship more solid and for things to work out. Without communication, relationships will be a blur, and the people involved will just keep guessing until they get tired of each other. So, if you want a relationship that is stronger, better and longer, follow our tips to improve better communication with your partner.

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