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It’s Not You, It’s Me: 5 Common Reasons Why People Break Up

Love is a complex matter. Although people seek it for as long as they live, only a few can find someone they’ll be with for a lifetime. Oftentimes, relationships fail after a while due to various complicated reasons. In the end, it doesn’t become a match made in heaven for some. But for others, it’s a journey they have yet to take in the future.

However, before two people realise it’s time to break up, they encounter various signs that prove things aren’t like before. It’s a terrible mindset to think about the signals that couples are about to separate, but it’s something to consider if people want to sustain a relationship or not.

Keep reading below to learn some signs to look out for in your partner that will prove your relationship is heading for a breakup.

1. Constant Disagreements

Although disagreeing is a normal concept for most people, the frequency of debating over simple things may indicate a failing relationship. If two people notice that they argue about the simplest things frequently, it might be a sign that there’s a problem with the dynamic they have established. It’s best to talk things through by communicating with each other better.

2. Unwanted Presence

Couples are usually inseparable during their first months. Sometimes, as time passes by, they will become more aloof to each other. There are even times that couples tend to avoid seeing each other over various periods. Although it’s normal to still have alone time while in a relationship, it’s better to pay attention when your partner thinks less about you.

3. Frequent Miscommunication

People can say one thing and mean it differently. But misunderstandings often cause rifts between couples, especially for those who have not known each other for quite some time. It’s important to communicate in the simplest way possible to mitigate misunderstandings that can turn into arguments. If not, one thing can lead to another and, later on, a breakup.

4. Less Effort

There are people whose love language is service. Therefore, it’s easy to notice when your partner is not putting much effort into what they do for you. If they were fond of serving you in the past, to the point that they brought the breakfast to your bed for you and it changed after a while, then it’s something to take note of and understand. There could be a reason why they are not showing their love language anymore.

5. Long Time No Sex

Intimacy is essential for most relationships. It’s a way for people to express how much they love and care for their partners. Meanwhile, the lack of physical touch can also be a sign that the old flame is dying. Therefore, it’s best to make a move by talking to your partner about the situation and what you can both do to save the relationship.

You don’t have to fill every day with amazing things. There will be hard patches with lots of darkness and a few bright lights in the middle. But when the relationship feels like it's stuck in a dark tunnel with no lights visible ahead, there might be a problem.


Sometimes, no matter how much people try, some relationships will never work out. Despite the heartbreaks brought by love, they still need to see the good in everyone, especially their partners. Remember that falling out of love is not the ultimatum of life. But it’s vital to learn how to love again. After a heartbreak, it’ll help to take a rest, breathe, and prepare for another story to unfold.

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