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Don't Tell Friends These Details about Your Relationship

Keeping good friends is one of the best things in life. We have them as support for the not-so-nice times, and we have them to celebrate the great times too. Of course, venting and releasing negative emotions is par for the course. That said, there are some things your friends really don't have to find out about.

To be perfectly clear: Some aspects of your relationship cannot and should not be shared with your friends, no matter the circumstances.

Read on to learn more about details of your relationship your friends don't need to know about:

Don't Tell Friends about Your Relationship's Cheating Problem

When there is cheating on either side of a relationship, the natural response is to tell everyone. However, in some cases, couples choose to work through this problem. If this is the case, do not tell your friends that your partner has cheated on you. Even if you somehow end up forgiving them and wanting to move forward, your friends will be protective and loving to the point of never letting him or her live it down.

Don't Tell Friends about Your Fights

When it comes to your relationship, disagreements and full-on fights are inevitable. It's perfectly alright to share that with your friends, of course, especially if you're feeling particularly bad and would like to either let off steam or process tough emotions.

However, unless there’s a need for an opinion that’s a thousand percent direct which requires all the facts, no particulars should be shared. All the gory details should stay between you and your partner, full stop.

Don't Tell Friends about Your Sexual Activity (Or Lack Thereof)

Are you having amazing, wild, off-the-rails sex? Have you and your partner started exploring BDSM? Are you taking things sweet and slow? Or is there a complete lack of sex going on, for whatever reason? No matter what is going on when it comes to your sex life, keep bedroom matters between you two!

Don't Tell Friends about Your Financial Affairs

Money is part and parcel of every relationship, one way or another. That said, under no circumstances should your partner’s finances be part of any conversation beyond you two. There's plenty of sensitivity when it comes to finances in general. Also, the last thing you want is for you to essentially be spreading someone's private, close-to-the-chest information with the chance it can go beyond your inner circle of friends.

Don't Tell Friends about Your Significant Other's Personal Issues

Your friends are yours, so your significant other doesn’t quite have the same relationship with them. It means that you must respect your partner’s privacy at all costs. Any issues personally or professionally that your partner experiences are not necessary for sharing with your friends. You wouldn’t want your private matters shared with your partner’s friends either, would you?


When it comes to life, strong friendships are the best gifts anyone can have. A solid group of friends shares plenty of things with each other, good and bad. That said, when it comes to your relationship, don't tell your friends about your significant other's issues, financial affairs, and sexual activity or lack thereof.

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