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Fun Things to Do for Couples Stuck at Home

If you and your partner are looking for something exciting to do without going out or spending money, it’s possible to stay home and still have fun. All it takes is using your imagination to come up with great ideas together that are sure to keep you and your significant other busy.

Besides spending endless hours watching movies and series on Netflix, there are plenty of other dating activities you can do without leaving the comforts of your home. With the resources you have at your disposal, you can make the most out of them and discover new ways to show your partner you love them and appreciate each moment with them.

Keep reading below to find out about some exciting dating ideas you and your partner can try doing, so you never have to leave your house just to spend quality time together.

Go on a Virtual Tour

If you’re longing to go on a trip with your partner but you can’t because of the current global situation, you can use your time wisely and still see the world even when you’re behind a computer screen. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of websites offering virtual tours of almost anything.

You can go around museums, landmarks, and popular sites worldwide using Google Arts & Culture and Google Earth. It’s one way to spend some quality time, giving you a feel of your dream vacation, preparing you both for the day you finally get to see it up close and personal.

Do Something Creative

Every day is always a chance for you and your special person to do something new. With all the online resources available, including websites, blogs, and social media platforms, you can discover hobbies to try out together and see if you’ll like them.

You could learn how to bake, cook a new meal, spend a day painting or drawing, and do other things involving arts & crafts. The possibilities are endless! If you want, you can do activities based on your interests or try something new to keep things challenging and exciting.

Go Online Shopping

Although you can’t go out of your house due to the pandemic or other matters, if you’re itching to visit shops and drop by your favourite stores, you don’t have to go out anymore to do that. You can simply go online and do your shopping digitally.

However, make sure not to go overboard and stick to a budget that you and your partner decided on to guarantee you still have your priorities in check. After all, you work hard, so you both deserve to treat yourselves too. You could even surprise your partner with a gift to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Dress Up for Fun

Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to dress up as if you’re going out. Plan a day or two with your partner where you can wear clothes you don’t usually wear at home and top it off by making dinner for two.

Besides looking good, cleaning up nice will definitely make you feel good and uplift your mood, especially after being stuck at home for so long. Remember to document your day and take lots of pictures and videos, so you’ll remember the day and look back at it with your partner.


Even though you’re at home, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with your partner and enjoying your days together. Doing new things is one effective way to keep your bond strong and love going. If you’re running out of ideas, you could go on a virtual tour, do something creative, go online shopping, and dress up for fun. Other than that, you could think about getting an app for couples to learn more enjoyable things to do to keep your love going.

Are you looking for a dating app for couples? Shake N Date is a relationship app to assist partners in spending more quality time together. Download our app today and start having fun!


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