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Help! We need to find a babysitter.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

“We wish we could go on a regular date night.”

“We don’t have a babysitter, and can’t afford to pay one regularly.”

“When we have a sitter we are usually so exhausted we just watch a movie.”

Sound familiar?

Most parents feel the same. There’s only so many times you can ask the Grandparents to do a favour for you - between work, after school activities and family social events - we get it.

Here’s a solution for you: Friendship Date Circle (No, we don’t mean start Swinging with your friends… in this instance).

A Date Circle is where you, and a group of one to three other families get to have date night regularly.

For example, one week it’s Joe and Christina’s turn to look after the kids - whilst the other couples go out on their own date nights. Feeding the kids can be simple - you could even all chuck in for Pizza for the kids, easy.

Next week, it’s Mel and John’s turn and so on and so forth.

This can work for smaller friendship circles too, but this example shows that you look after all the kids one night a month, and you get three date nights a month. If there’s too many kids between you, split them up between two couples and you’ll still get a few date nights a month.

Just send a group text to your friends with this idea and we are certain they’ll be on board. Something like, "Hey! We've been trying to book a date night in for a while and saw a great idea. A Date Circle; where we alternate weeks to look after the kids and we all get a few date nights a month. Let me know if you'd be keen - we could all potentially get 3 date nights a month if we are all in!"

So, that's the babysitter situation sorted, so now you have no excuse to not spend quality time together. You can then use the Shake N Date app, to take the ‘thinking’ out of date night planning. Let’s see what your next date will be….download the Shake N Date App through the Google Play Store or Apple Store soon. Pop your details in here to be one of the first to know when it's ready to download.


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