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How to Have a Lasting Relationship With Your Partner

No other feeling is better than knowing the person you love loves you, isn’t there? Love is such a marvellous thing—movies, poems, stories centuries old have been made about the very subject, with people trying to put in words the indescribable feeling.

Indeed, love is beautiful, but it isn’t always enough! Your great feelings of love may have been what started your relationship with your partner, but this feeling can’t force a person to stay if they no longer want to. Countless factors can affect the state of a relationship, which is why many couples separate despite the love between them.

Reality is harsh. You may be happy with your partner now, but who knows what will happen tomorrow or in the far future? However, although you can’t see the end, you can do something about the future of your relationship. Whether you’re a couple reconnecting or have just confessed your feelings to each other, there are many things you can do to grow your relationship over time.

Don’t Hesitate to Apologize

There’s nothing wrong with having pride; feeling proud of your achievements lead to a positive disposition. However, nothing in excess can be good, especially when it comes to relationships. Having too much pride may cause a rift between you and your partner, driving a permanent wedge that can’t be resolved.

In the course of your relationship, you must be prepared to say sorry several times. This is how relationships go—no matter how much you love your partner, you will get into unpleasant situations and show bad sides of each other that warrants an apology.

Of course, your partner should apologize to you when they should, but it doesn’t hurt to say “I’m sorry” first. Whether you’re apologizing for a misunderstanding, a forgotten date, or a remark, apologizing besides making excuses shows your empathy and willingness to reach out.

Try Out Different Date Ideas

Just because you’re now a couple doesn’t mean you can’t go on dates like you used to before you were exclusive. Date nights are as important as they used to be when you were getting to know each other—they help with communication, removing distractions from your conversation.

Going out on a picnic or watching a movie are nice dating activities, but they get old pretty quickly. There are many other ways to foster growth in your relationship and deepen your bond, such as a dating app for couples that helps lovers spend more quality time together.

Allow Yourselves Some Personal Freedom

Although being in a relationship means being connected at all times, you shouldn’t trap yourself in your relationship to the point that you no longer have any friends beyond what you and your partner have.

Space is crucial in relationships. Everyone has different needs; you may want to hang out with your friends alone, while your partner likes to spend more time with their family. Respecting each other’s social space makes for a happier and healthier relationship—when you’re free to enjoy your life without your partner, you’ll be much happier when together!


Sometimes, love just happens—you fall over heels for someone, and then you get together. However, this doesn’t mean that love doesn’t require maintenance. Don't let your sweet beginning lead to a bitter end! Love means making an effort to make your relationship work. With a good amount of tender loving care, your bond with your partner will grow and thrive for the years to come.

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