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How to Manage Your Expectations While Dating

When you’re active in the dating scene, you’re bound to experience disappointment or rejection just as much as enjoyment and companionship. Whatever your age is, it’s so easy to get caught up in all the excitement of engaging in dating activities. You may even come to a point where you start imagining outcomes before you’ve ever met anyone. While that’s okay as long as it’s in a healthy dose, managing your expectations is a better way to go around dating. Otherwise, you’ll get more of the disappointment and rejection part of the experience. To avoid all that, here’s what you can do to manage your expectations while dating.

Ticking Every Box

Who wouldn’t want to meet the perfect guy or girl with all the looks, the personality, and have a bright future ahead of them, right? While having a dream guy or girl is only natural, don’t let that image affect your expectations of someone you plan to go out with. Rather than nit-pick as soon as you meet someone, looking out for faults and differences, think about what your overall feelings are for your date.

Don’t go on a date, and try to tick every box on your list of good qualities and expectations. You’re not looking for the perfect candidate for a job. You’re there to get to know the other person better and just enjoy the company.

Unhealthy Comparisons

Part of nitpicking is comparing your date to some ideal person or even someone from a past relationship. This is one of the primary reasons why people feel disappointed while dating. You may be in the company of someone who is really a good match for you, but if you keep comparing them with someone else, you’ll end up not liking the person that much. Don’t let your mind and your feelings be clouded but that comparison, or you risk not enjoying any of your dates at all.

Wait Until You Meet

If you met someone online, your first interactions with them online would never supplant the experience of meeting face-to-face. Avoid getting too invested with a prospective date over chat or text message and arrange to meet up as soon as possible.

The reason for this is because you start to build up expectations when chatting online. There’s too much you don’t see or know about them until you meet your date in person. So instead of letting all those “what ifs?” build-up, it’s better to just meet them in person and dispel all that wishful thinking.

Don’t Expect Constant Communication

A lot of people fail in this department. They expect their dates to always respond to their messages even if they only had one date or they haven’t even met in person. You’re still in the early stages of dating, and you could barely even call it a “relationship.” It’s easy to read everything into anything, so don’t fall into that trap. In the first few weeks of dating, avoid expecting constant communication, especially while you’re still working out how to interact with each other.


While there are many advantages to online dating, it tends to build a lot of expectations. If you want to really enjoy dating, you need to manage those expectations. Remember these tips so you won’t end up being disappointed with your date the next time you go out.

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