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3 Glorious Life Realizations after a Horrible Breakup

The end of any romantic relationship can sometimes feel like the end of the world. There’s a truth to that pain since the person you shared your life, emotions, and time with is no longer there for you. It may have ruined your long-term plans regarding trips or wedding ideas, but those alone aren’t reasons to immediately get back in the saddle and date around with an app for couples. Take the time to be single, so you can realise these three glorious revelations once you’re over the breakup.

There Are Other Relationships to Cultivate

We’re not talking about polyamory here, but the familial and filial bonds you’ve had all this time, AKA your family and friends. Becoming involved with someone romantically ekes away from your quality time with parents, siblings, relatives, and co-workers while re-focusing all that attention on your significant other.

A breakup makes this point even more evident since your family and friends will come to your rescue. Yes, they may encourage you to find love again in an app for couples, but they’ll initially spend time in silence or activity nursing your broken heart back to health.

This momentary pain will help you reconnect and make up for the lost time when you were still with your ex-.

There Are Other Priorities to Focus On

Aside from platonic relationships, romance also takes away time from otherwise critical personal priorities. Regular dates, dinners, and trips will leave fewer quality moments for activities you consider essential such as working out, meditation, self-improvement, or simple you-time all by yourself.

Now that you’re literally and figuratively free, a restructuring of your priorities is in order! If you and your ex-fiance devoted 90 percent of your time to wedding ideas and planning, you now have 90 percent more time reading a book, hitting the gym, or painting!

Speaking of…

You’ll Be More Awareness About Yourself

Self-consciousness and self-awareness are two completely different mindsets. The first has to do with insecurity and uncertainty about one’s identity. The second is more empowering because it makes you realise how to gain your identity back.

A romance between two people shifts their attention away from others (including themselves) directs it to the other person. In a sense, they will lose touch with who they are as they adjust to serving their partner.

This consciousness will first be shattered post-breakup since their ex- was their world for so long. However, the following days, weeks, and months are a time to rebuild. Now that you are single, you can finally refocus on the most neglected person in your life: you!

There’s no longer a need to hook up using apps for couples or mentally strain yourself about wedding ideas if you and your fiance broke up during your engagement. You can finally do you after what seems like an eternity: sleep in, go on selfie dates, hang out guilt-free with friends, or rediscover that hobby you dropped!

These moments of heightened awareness will also attune you to lessons picked up along the way. Take inventory of what caused the breakup. Realise what part(s) you played leading to the inevitable decision. Finally, work on them one day at a time. Seek professional help if you must. Just be sure you leave your past relationship as a better version of yourself.

Putting It All in Perspective

Never underestimate the power of a painful breakup. As they say, sometimes the best lessons in life are learned from experience. Take this time to do self-reflection on what went wrong, how you participated in them, and how you can avoid those mistakes in the future for an even healthier romantic future.

And once you’re fully healed and ready to mingle as a single, find the person of your dreams with Shake N Date, the relationship app for couples that helps spend more quality time together! Visit our website for info and updates just for you!


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