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6 Obvious Signs That Your Relationship Will Last (Part 1)

Nobody wants to be stuck in a toxic and energy-sucking relationship! Every one of us wants to be happy and find that one person who would treat us right, who would love us for who we are and who would never do anything that would hurt us.

But as much as we all dream of this kind of relationship, we still fall into the traps of people who are just pretending to shower us with genuine love. It is sometimes hard to tell whether the person that we are with are exactly “the one” or were just taking our time in the honeymoon phase.

So the question is, how would you know that your relationship will actually work and will last long?

Here are the few important points that expert therapists have to say in terms of the obvious signs for the first six months of dating that would indicate whether or not you’ll be together for a long time.

1. You Open Up to Each Other

Opening up your past is like scratching your healed wounds just to be opened up again. And most people don’t want that, especially on their first date! But once you get to know each other and you decide to move your relationship to the next level, it is always a good sign if the both of you are starting to slowly open up to each other. These could be anything, the struggles in the past or a mistake that you have been coping up with.

According to Kurth Smith, a therapist who specialises in counseling men, whatever things we share (including the not-so-positive ones), it really takes a lot of courage, inner strength and maturity to allow yourself to be vulnerable and transparent to your partner.

2. You Show Up for Each Other

“I will help you with the laundry.” “We will have a dinner date every Friday night.” We’ll go to the movies together every Wednesday.” Whatever your agreed plans are, whether it’s big or small, knowing that you’ll do it and you can count on each other means a lot if you want your relationship to last long.

Deborah Duley, a psychotherapist and the owner of Empowered Connections, says “[Showing up for each other ] indicates that each person is in the right frame of mind for a healthy relationship and that they are both on the same page.” Consistency plays a big role in building trust, allowing intimacy to grow because they are comfortable and safe with each other.

3. You Feel Comfortable When You’re Together

During the early stages of your relationship, you tend to show the best version of yourself, everything that’s great about you. One funny but true example is some women wear their makeup even while in bed because they don’t want their partner to know the reality behind the makeup. And when they do find out, we get anxious if they are going to accept us for who we are.

But when we feel that we really don’t have to hide the less desirable traits to our partner and the need to impress them fades away, then it’s the time when you know that the person likes you for who you are and there’s really no need to pretend.

According to a psychologist and sex therapist, Shannon Chavez, “If you can be yourself and feel comfortable letting your guard down and being you, the relationship is in good shape.”


Every relationship is different but at the end of the day, these obvious signs that we shared are some things that should not be taken lightly. Because if you do, you may get stuck in a beautiful relationship turned into a nightmare in just a blink of an eye. Tune in for the second part of this article to learn more signs that your relationship will last.

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