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Why “Quality Time” is the Love Language Every Couple Needs

Every person has their own way of expressing their care and affection. As popularized by Gary Chapman, these are often referred to as “love languages”. These are words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, acts of service, and finally, quality time.

While it is normal to have one or two, it’s actually important to have a balance of all those actions to maintain healthy relationships. Many counsellors note that each language should be tapped into as needed so that both partners feel their needs are met.

The Trouble With Time

Time is an invaluable resource that all too often goes overlooked. Couples sometimes have a tendency to just be in the same place but not actually doing something together. Each person is doing their own thing, which is fine but not as a constant. It’s important to have moments where you pay attention to each other and actually have meaningful interactions.

This can even come down to simple things like spending too much time on your phone. Studies have revealed that relying too much on technology to communicate lessens our enjoyment of face-to-face interactions. In a relationship, that can spell trouble and even the beginning of the end if not remedied.

Even if you both have busy schedules, try to dedicate a fixed time for just spending time together. When there are times that you both just so happen to be free, try to make sure that if you’re both up for it, you get to spend some quality time. In the end, this is one of the simplest yet most crucial steps to a couple reconnecting.

How to Spend More Quality Time Together

  • Make sure you really listen to each other

Being mentally present is key, so really give your undivided attention to each other when conversing. Take things in, and you’ll find more meaning out of this time.

  • Invite each other out

Go out together, be it for simple errands or random trips. Even if you just take a walk to check out some stuff, being together helps.

  • Start a couple’s activity

Try a project you can both enjoy together and work on for some time. You can even get into a new game or start exercising as a couple.

  • Set up a date night

It’s good to have something to look forward to that you’ll both know is really a time for each other. Make sure you both follow through on these date nights, and it can be anywhere you feel like spending it each time.

  • Try new things together

Having new experiences together can be fun and strengthen your bond. Go on an adventure, book a vacation to a place you’ve never been, try out unfamiliar activities like a new dance craze or a dating app for couples.

  • Cut down on tech time

Technology and social media can really draw your attention separately. Try to avoid these distractions unless you’re using a device together for some recreation.

Final Thoughts

Quality time is simply an essential part of healthy relationships. If you and your partner can make an effort to achieve this, you’ll find that each moment in your relationship is more fulfilling. Sometimes, even a simple and short moment where you take time out of the day for each other can be enough.

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