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Relationship 101: How to Reignite the Spark You Once Felt

Falling in love is one of the most gratifying and exciting experiences anyone can have. You always have something to look forward to and feel passionate about. However, staying in love can be challenging.

After a couple of years, you could think that there’s nothing new or exhilarating for you. But don’t be disheartened. Relationship experts say that it’s normal for long-term relationships to feel like they’re flaming out. If you feel like your love for each other is slowly fading away, there’s still hope.

There are ways to rekindle a romance and feel that spark you once felt before. You can even find yourself falling in love all over again. With the tips below, you can reignite the flame of love that you once thought has gone out.

It’s Okay to Not Feel in Love Every Time

When you fall in love, you are filled to the brim with excitement and passion. Eventually, you start focusing on connection and intimacy as your love grows.

If you aren’t feeling that way anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean your love has died. Long-term relationships wax and wane. By understanding that it’s not realistic to maintain that initial intensity, you can feel less pressure to be in love all the time.

Go Back to the Very Beginning

Although there’s no guarantee that you will feel the butterflies you used to have all the time, you can try to go to the places where you once felt those sensations. You visit the location where you first met or got married to bring back that excitement.

Sometimes, a walk down memory lane can help you recollect precious memories together and remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. Remember that your love has not died but is simply dormant.

Feel the Intimacy By Being Vulnerable

Intimacy doesn’t always refer to sensuality or sex. It also speaks of the closeness of two people. If you feel disconnected, try sharing a secret with your partner that you’ve never told anyone before.

It can be about a childhood memory, a fantasy, a vivid dream, or anything under the sun. By doing so, you’re essentially telling your partner that you trust them to be welcoming and non-judgmental. Sharing with your partner also helps reestablish your emotional bond.

Bring Back the Adrenaline Rush

Feeling your heart race with someone can bring you close to each other, even if it’s only for a while. When you experience a surge of endorphins and adrenaline rush while doing fun dating activities with someone else, you might notice an increase in attraction between each other.

Go to places that could make your heart rush alongside the two of you, like an amusement park or anywhere adventurous.

Being Grateful Goes a Long Way

Acknowledging the things your partner does can help keep the spark alive. It might sound mushy to some, but taking the time per day to tell your partner face-to-face that you appreciate something they have done can help your relationship.

Something as simple as thanking them for taking out the trash or cooking for you can do wonders. You can make your partner feel seen and appreciated when you express your gratitude regularly.

Mend Your Relationship By Getting Rid of Resentments

Sometimes, literally lighting a fire can reignite the spark in your relationship. What you can do is sit together and write down your resentments on small pieces of paper in private. Next, get a burning bowl or pit and set the papers on fire.

The activity can help the two of you release any negative emotions. Suppose you do it correctly, ensuring that your focus is on healing and moving forward. In that case, you and your partner will enjoy and see the experience as liberating.


There is always hope in a relationship if you are determined to work on it. A lasting love depends on the hard work that couples put into it. You can consider many ways to stay interested and in love with each other for the long haul. From listing out dating ideas to seeking relationship advice, you can do your part to make your relationship work.

At Shake N Date, we do our best to help couples spend more quality time together. Our app for couples is designed to help you reconnect and think of ways to constantly keep yourselves on each other’s toes. If you’re looking for fun and romantic dating activities or wondering how you can spend more quality time together, download our app today!


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