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7 Signs That Your Partner Wants a Breakup

While some of us are lucky enough to score a long-term relationship with our significant other, some others have to go through the unfortunate breakup process. Though the process is quite painful, it is sad to say that some breakups are delayed simply because the other does not notice the signs of the dying love. If this is something you're concerned about in your relationship, then you're in the right place.

Today, we want to tell you of the signs that your partner wants a breakup:

1. Your Partner Isn’t as Available As Before

Yes, your partner will be the first one to tell you that they are super busy with work, but in actuality, they aren’t. The truth is, they could be avoiding you to end the relationship.

2. Your Partner Isn’t as Patient as They Used to Be

It’s quite easy to assume that we can make a mistake or two in a relationship. However, if you see your partner getting more impatient with you over the little things, then they are getting fed up and are dying to end the relationship.

3. Your Partner Prioritizes Work over You

If you feel like your partner is putting their career before you, then you have a reason to be concerned. It is common for couples to spend more time with their work than focusing on their partner. However, if you notice that your partner has been doing this for a while, then there is a reason behind it.

4. Your Partner Isn’t Affectionate Anymore

When you see that your partner isn’t as affectionate as they were before, then you should know that they are slowly dying inside. It is common for partners to be less affectionate during stressful times. However, if your partner becomes increasingly less affectionate over time, then they are fed up.

5. Your Partner Seeks the Company of Other People

If your partner has started to brush you off while they are with their work colleagues, then they may be telling you that they want to break up with you. In actuality, they may be going out with their friends to avoid telling you that they want to break up.

6. Your Partner Withdraws Theirself From You

If your partner stops taking care of you, then they are probably giving you the clear signs that they want to break up. A relationship should be a fun one, and you shouldn't feel like your partner doesn't care about you anymore.

7. Your Partner Doesn’t Open Up to You Anymore

If your partner doesn’t want to open up to you anymore, then they are probably already finding it difficult to be with you. If they don’t want to disclose their thoughts and feelings to you, then you should suspect that something is wrong.


While it is hard to believe that your partner wants to break up with you, it is important to take a reality check. If you are in a relationship that you want to maintain, then the best thing you can do is try to sort the situation out with your partner. It is a good thing that you are aware of the signs that your partner wants to break up with you, and if it seems like the situation is lost, it would be for the best for both of you to end the relationship.

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