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Signs That Your Relationship Is Starting to Fall Apart

The best way to cure any sickness or prevent them from occurring is to know its symptoms first. The same thing applies to a relationship that needs fixing. There is no perfect or smooth sailing relationship 24/7. There will always be instances wherein challenges occur or the couple experiences highs and lows. What couples need to do is to get through it together. That would make their bond even stronger.

But the biggest downfall could occur if none of them realises the problem until it becomes too big for them to handle. Knowing the signs that the relationship is getting cold is the key to bringing back some warmth.

If you care about your relationship and want to stay connected with your special someone, you need to know about these signs that you two are already struggling.

1 - You No Longer Look Forward to Date Nights

Date nights are one of the exciting times for any couple. They get to eat good food, spend time together, and do something new during this time. Unfortunately, the moment will come when one or both of you will get tired of the routine. Rather than going to new places or eating in new restaurants, you would rather stay in and spend time on your own.

Sometimes, this problem happens because you both stopped exploring. You stopped getting excited about little things. Try to change the situation by changing your dating activities. Find something that would spark your joy as a couple once again. Look up some date ideas and do the ones you have not done yet. You can also talk through things and create a list of things you want to try. The most important thing is making an effort to reconnect once more.

2 - You Are Not the First On the List

Typically, when something good happens to your partner, you are the first person to know. That is the usual routine back to when you were in the honeymoon phase. But then, things started to change. Instead of telling your partner about the great news, you tell your mom or your friends about it first.

While that is not entirely bad, it could be a sign that something is different in your relationship now. If you notice that to yourself, it is time to rethink your situation. Before things worsen, try to bring back the old times or understand where the problem is coming from and fix it.

3 - You Forget the Little Details

It is common for people to forget small details about their partner, but if it is something that they have repeatedly told you and yet you still fail to remember, it could only mean that you are zoning out. For example, you have a date or an agreed catch-up call, and they have told you about it twice or thrice, yet you still overlooked it. Besides leading to a big fight later, it could also mean that they are no longer on your priority list. Before things get worse, try reconnecting as a couple.

4 - Everything You Do Is Wrong

Another sign is when everything you do around your partner seems like a mistake. Whether simply getting what they ask for or washing the dishes, they always have something bad to say about it. They never get satisfied with your efforts and always find something wrong in what you do. Beware: you might unconsciously do this to your partner too.


When you experience any of the mentioned signs in this list, you have to make a move and change the course of the relationship. That is the only way you can save it. Look for dating activities you can explore and can ignite the spark between you two again. Whether a relationship will work or not depends on the people in it. Make sure that you talk about it as a couple and decide on your agreed next steps.

Fortunately, you can download an app for couples that can help solve your concerns. At Shake N Date, you can find unique ideas that would help you spend quality time together. Download it now!


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