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4 Signs You're Not Spending Enough Time With Your Partner

Finding time for your romantic partner can be difficult when you’re busy with other commitments such as office work and finding time with friends and family on top of it. It is unavoidable, but when do you know that you’re not spending enough time with your partner?

When you and your partner spend enough quality time together, it should weather those moments when you don’t see each other. However, a distinct lack of quality time could lead to misunderstandings and weakened bonds with your significant other.

Here are a few signs that you might not be spending enough time with your partner.

1. You’re Surprised When They Express Anxiety

One sign that you might have a weakened communication with your significant other is when they express anxiety over a certain issue, and you are surprised to hear it. It might be the first time you’re hearing about these troubles, which signals that you haven’t had much time to talk to them about it.

With regular communication, you should be able to tell what worries your partner or causes them stress in their day-to-day lives. Consider leaving about an hour or two every day to catch up with how your partner is doing.

2. They’re Not the First Ones You Call When You Have News

Any news, good or bad, is always worth telling someone. It is perfectly understandable when there is specific news that you’ll share with your family or friends.

But if you find that you frequently call up others with news rather than your significant other, then that’s a sign you might not feel as close to them.

3. You Have a Hard Time Making Plans With Them

If you have a hard time finding common ground and planning activities for the both of you to enjoy, then you might need some more time to talk to them about it. It’s not a relationship prerequisite that you and your partner share the exact same interests, but getting to know them better will help you plan fun activities.

Whether it be a promise to try and watch their favourite Netflix show or even going to a restaurant with their favourite food, every small action counts.

4. You Feel That There Is Physical and Emotional Distance Between You

In a relationship, physical distance is tough to work with. If you feel as if you and your partner are pulling back not just physically, but emotionally as well, then that might signal a weakened connection between the pair of you.

It is natural to stray from scheduled dates as the relationship progresses, but the trouble starts when they are becoming far too frequent. As a result, you might find that your partner will try to approach this situation by forcing proximity as a coping method.


Healthy communication is the key to making any good relationship work. If you find that your relationship is in danger of a weak connection, then it might be time to call them up and get to know them better.

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