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Slide Into Their DMs: Fantastic Dating App Conversation Starters

Technological advancements have spilled over to other parts of our lives, elevating various life experiences, such as dating. Today, the number of people on dating apps is constantly rising because not only is it a convenient way to meet people; it also allows you to check out more fish in the sea.

Though swiping right and choosing people you're interested in might be easy, many don't talk about how challenging it is to start a conversation with a stranger — even in the digital world.

So if you're struggling to send that first message, don't panic; we've got you covered. Here are some conversation starters you can consider when you want to slide into someone's DMs in a dating app. Let's take a look!

Tip #1: Consider Sending Something Funny

Sending a funny gif, meme, or quote is a sure-shot way to initiate a conversation. Besides that, it shows your personality without even having to say anything.

If you're wondering what meme or gif they might like, check out their bio and see what they're interested in. Most often than not, they might have mentioned a funny sitcom, and you can get a gif from one of their episodes!

Tip #2: You Can Go the Traditional Route

Starting with a simple greeting is always a good way to start a conversation. Simple questions about how their day has been going or what interests them are a great way to break the ice. Besides that, it also shows that you're a genuine person and are interested in learning more about them.

Tip #3: Get a Bit Romantic

If you want to start letting the sparks fly, throw in some romantic lines to sizzle up the night. You can do this by starting with a lovely compliment that will surely melt their hearts, and a pick-up line can be just the right amount of cheesy that would set the mood.

Once you've popped the pick-up line and they're more comfortable, your conversations will quickly progress to fun and flirty messages. If you're lucky, they can get a bit steamy, too!

Tip #4: Be Interested and Interesting

Now that you've broken the ice, they're most likely telling more about themselves. With that, remember that sure it's important to be interesting and share unique things about yourself, but conversations work both ways — you need to be interested in their stories, too.

Avoid talking over each other but still, be engaging. Show them that you're curious about them and that you're happy to listen to their stories.

The Bottom Line: Take the First Step, and Be Yourself

There's no denying that sending that first message in a dating app can be incredibly daunting. But the truth is when you know what to send, you're confident, and you're yourself, it'll surely work out, and you can eliminate the awkwardness in the (chat) room.

So consider these tips, make an effort to find something that would interest them, and start chatting away!

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