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Important Things To Say to an Ex to Win a Second Chance

Breakups can be a total pain, especially if you haven't gotten over your ex yet. You try everything in your power to bring back all the happy memories you made together. You want your ex to realise that what you had was real and incredible.

Getting back together is never easy especially with the bottlenecking emotions that you and your ex may have towards each other. One word or phrase can either make your chance of having a relationship sweeter the second time around or break the only connection you have for the love of your life.

In terms of love relationships, the most important thing that brings and makes couples together is through the language of love. So to help you win back your ex and make them feel how much you still love them, here are four important things you have to tell them.

“I am Sorry For”

Pride makes everything worse and can really destroy a genuine relationship. You need to take down your walls and be open about your feelings. Making a sincere apology will not only bridge and mend the gap but will also help you heal your own brokenness. It will show that you are honest enough and that you value your relationship more than your pride.

Every situation is different. Whether it was your call to apologise or not, letting go of the past mistakes and saying that you are truly sorry for hurting your ex' feelings is the best thing that you can do to mend your broken relationship.

“Do You Still Remember When”

Reminiscing the happy times you've spent together can bring the positive loving feelings you may have for each other. To rekindle the love you once shared, you can think of the happiest moments you had together and remind your ex about it. Try to strike a conversation with them or write a letter about it so you can make them feel that you've missed them so much and you want to spend time together to create new romantic and happy memories with your ex.

“No One Can Ever Replace You”

When you still love your ex, you need to be able to tell them that they are the only ones you want to be with and that no one can replace them in your life. Being honest with how you really feel about them can make them realise that what you both have is something you can work on together. You can show your genuine feelings of love by saying words that you really mean and that you are more than willing to open up yourself and share your heart again.

“I Will Always Care for You”

Not because you ended up breaking up with each other doesn't mean you don't care about your ex anymore. The truth is, the genuine care you have remains true even after the separation. So to have that second chance with your ex, you need to tell straight in their eyes that you still care for them and that you never stopped loving them. Tell them that you really value who they are and that whatever they are going through, your love and support will always be there. Those words of love can really help reignite the fire and love that your ex may still have for you.


Each and every one of us has different experiences when it comes to love and relationships. With a breakup, you just can’t give up that easily and instead, and you fight your way into their arms again. Because at the end of the day, we get the second chance that we deserve with genuine love, honesty, forgiveness and effort.

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