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Tips to Build Emotional Connections in Online Dating

Even with the rise of dating apps and online matchmaking websites, it is still insanely difficult to create intimacy with another human being using a smartphone or computer screen. While meeting someone on these online platforms may be fairly easy, building a relationship may not be as simple.

The good thing is that there are critical advantages to virtual dating! It may be a little more complex than usual, face-to-face relationships, but there are ways to help you build an emotional connection to the person you have found online! If you find yourself struggling, this blog post will help you find the love in online dating.

Tips to Build Emotional Connections in Online Dating

If you have tried time and time again to establish a meaningful relationship online but failed, maybe it’s time to try another approach. Here are a few tips to help you find and develop a meaningful connection through online dating.

1 - Get to Know Each Other

Many people default to talking about their physical fantasies and desires when they first meet someone online. After all, it isn’t difficult to bare all those feelings since you cannot be together physically, yet. However, to truly establish a meaningful relationship, it pays to ask questions to get to know the other person. Ask about their hopes, their aspirations, what makes them tick. Getting to know them, will help you decide if they are a good match for you.

2 - Make Time

Make time to talk, even if it only using your phones for now. Carving out time from your busy schedules to talk and have meaningful conversations will ensure that you will be building trust toward each other.

3 - Be Creative

Be creative with your online dates! You can have Netflix and Chill sessions by watching a movie together during an online date. Otherwise, you can agree to watch the movie on your own time and talk about the parts you liked most when you talk. Have meals together and even prepare and cook the meals together. Try to make your dates as “normal” as possible.

4 - Talk About Your Plans

Being truthful and forthright about your plans for the future are crucial. To be able to share a bond with the person you found online, you have to tell them what you plan to gain out of this relationship. This will also help set expectations and establish the premise of your relationship.

5 - Be Open with Each Other

Lastly, it is mutually beneficial to be completely honest with each other. The ley to developing a strong relationship is to base what you have on truth. This strong foundation will ensure that your relationship will weather all storms and help you endure any challenges you meet. Being forthright about how you view the relationship and see where it is headed will help you and your partner have eyes on a common goal.


As the lockdown protocols ease up worldwide, it may be understandable that your social skills may not be as sharp as they used to be. Even if you are rusty, building a strong online relationship may be the next best thing. While you prepare to meet face-to-face, following the tips above will help you find a special someone even if you are stuck at home.

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