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First Date Dos and Don'ts: Getting to the Venue

You did it! You finally got the yes to have a date with that lovely person you’ve been chatting up for months online. Congratulations on this new shot for love. How are you preparing for your big first date?

If you’re thinking of winging it, think again. That’s not usually a good idea. You have to be prepared to make an impression that will last—hopefully, it’s a good one.

When the high of scoring the date subsides a bit, come back here and keep on reading for some first date dos and don’ts.

Plan with Open Lines of Communication

Planning the perfect date is a bit stressful, to be honest. Sometimes having too many dating ideas can lead to decision paralysis. What do you do?

Do: If you’re not entirely sure what to do, involve your date partner in the planning process. Dating is about getting to know each other, building lines of communication, and being open and communicative, which is a great start to a budding relationship. You can even look at restaurant suggestion apps together.

Don’t: Stop it right there. Do not stalk the person on social media. Going on a social media deep dive is not a good look, especially when you accidentally like the photo they posted in 2010.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

You spoke to your date and decided on what to do and where to go. Now, how are you going to present yourself?

Do: You know where you’re going to dress up appropriately. Remember to shower and spray on a bit of your favourite scent before the date. How you smell affects how people may perceive you. But most importantly, look like the best version of you—but you nonetheless. Your date wants to know more about you, not the person you created to impress them.

Don’t: Do not leave the house without showering and show up to a fine dining restaurant in a sweatshirt. Don’t hike in heels, either. Not only will it make you uncomfortable, but it may make your date uncomfortable as well.

Timing Makes a Statement

You’ve waited a long time for this, and the day has finally come for your first date. The activity you planned together sounds incredible, and you have the perfect outfit to boot. Now, what?

Do: Be punctual. You know how long it will take for you to prepare and get to the venue, so adjust your schedule and be at the venue at least fifteen minutes before the designated time. It proves you’re eager to meet them, and they are worth your time.

Don’t: Do not be late, not even fashionably late at that. When you don’t arrive on time for a first date, the other person may think you’re not into them, which is not the case.

Tip: If you have a very good reason to be late, make sure to update the other person. You may also want to say that you’re about fifteen minutes away when you think you’ll be arriving in five minutes. Doing this will give you some buffer should anything happen unexpectedly in the next five minutes. It will also be a pleasant surprise if you arrive earlier than they expect.


First dates can do a number on your nerves, but don’t worry because you’re not alone. Hopefully, the tips and dating ideas above gave you some good advice on what to do on the first date that can hopefully lead to a second, a third, and beyond.

Remember, you asked them out, or they asked you out. Either way, they want to meet and get to know you—not that version you think people will find interesting. You’re plenty interesting. You are enough.

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